10 months ago
Here, CogWorld Contributor Jayshree Pandya, Ph.D., interviews best-selling author and speaker Calum Chace, who happens to be a CogWorld contributor, too. Dr. Pandya has interviewed over 170 thought leaders in her Risk Roundup Series. CogWorld is pleased about out new partnership with Risk Roundup. More details to come.  

1 year 1 month ago
TED: AI is massively transforming our world, but there's one thing it cannot do: love. In a visionary talk, computer scientist Kai-Fu Lee details how the US and China are driving a deep learning revolution -- and shares a blueprint for how humans can thrive in the age of AI by harnessing compassion and creativity.

1 year 1 month ago
TEDx Talks Published on Jun 8, 2018 Kristian is a professor of computer science and journalism at Northwestern University. Previously, Kris founded the University of Chicago’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. His research has been primarily focused on artificial intelligence, machine-generated content, and context-driven information systems. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx…

1 year 2 months ago
TEDx Talks Artificial Intelligence Scientist. Scientific Director of the Swiss AI Lab, IDSIA, DTI, SUPSI; Prof. of AI, Faculty of Informatics, USI, Lugano; Co-founder & Chief Scientist, NNAISENSE, Switzerland. Prof. Jürgen Schmidhuber has been called the father of modern Artificial Intelligence. His lab's deep learning methods have revolutionized machine learning and are now available on 3 billion smartphones, and used billions of times per day, e.g. for Facebook's automatic translation, Google's…

1 year 3 months ago
The Linux Foundation Published on Mar 7, 2018 Keynote Panel: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - Deepak Agarwal, VP of Engineering, LinkedIn; Mazin Gilbert, VP of Advanced Technology, AT&T Labs; Rachel Thomas, Co-founder, fast.ai; Tarry Singh, Deep Learning Executive About Deepak Deepak Agarwal is a vice president of engineering at LinkedIn where he is responsible for all AI efforts across the company. He is well known for his work on recommender systems and has published a book on the…