SPECIALISTS (alphabetical order)

Annie Brown

Annie Brown is an emerging tech enthusiast, with a focus on blockchain and women in AI. Annie has worked at organizations such as Grameen Bank and Planned Parenthood. She serves as a startup consultant, more recently to two Y Combinator-backed startups. Annie is a guest lecturer at UC San Diego's Rady School of Management

Anne Cagle

Anne Cagle, editor, is a technical, legal, and medical writer with experience writing about open source software, business law, and business entrepreneurship. She has worked in a freelance capacity for such companies as Disney and EBSCO. 

Michael Doyle

Michael Doyle, specialist, accelerates customer education and engagement through both on and offline mediums. More to come on this specialist!

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor's expertise involves the development of innovative strategies for CIO’s to harness sustainable success in this exciting time of digital and AI transformation. Jess recognized the need for a critical shift in the way CIO’s must engage in their role today, both internally and externally, to create mutual value.