Lisa Wood

Lisa Wood, co-founder and CEO of COGNITIVE WORLD, is a big business media veteran with a longtime involvement in artificial intelligence. Throughout the mid and late 90’s, Lisa produced many of the largest and most successful IT-focused custom published productions ever to appear in FORTUNE, and a decade later, BusinessWeek. Simultaneously, Lisa funded R&D of a novel AI, and has been inspired by the reality and promise of this AI, driven by self-organization, for over two decades.

Soon, QAI (Quantum Artificial Intelligence) will make its debut. QAI is a revolutionary new real-time machine learning platform with supercomputer performance. A QAI Cognitive Reactor(TM) is a self-organizing operating system, application development environment and deployed server. When QAI Cognitive Reactors are deployed they implement a high assurance self-managing peer to peer collective intelligence network. QAI address the challenges of current machine learning systems using new quantum signaling fine-grained reinforcement learning, which requires no training data, is unbiased and addresses computationally hard challenges requiring supercomputing machine learning performance. 

QAI was applied to molecular engineering for a decade. Lisa looks forward to integrating QAI into CogWorld for optimized engagement of this growing ecosystem and marketplace.