Fabio Bottacci

Fabio Bottacci is founder and CEO of VINCI Digital and an Industrial IoT Expert Contributor at the World Economic Forum and at BNDES, the Brazilian Development Bank. Fabio is an Independent Trusted Advisor focused on the development of disruptive technologies to shape new "winning" business models.

John King

John King is head of Marketing and Communications at SparkCognition, the global leader in cognitive computing analytics. John drives the company's external activities, developing and executing communications and media strategy.

Molly Lavik

Molly Lavik has been instrumental in the formation of the sustainable business industry for the past decade, and for the last five years has also developed the world’s first conference at the intersection of artificial intelligence and the Entertainment/Media/Health and Wellness industries.

Kate Levchuk

Kate Levchuk, blogger, is a London-based futuristic blogger writing on transhumanism, AI and the philosophy of tech. Kate is passionate about an infinite human potential and the role of technology in uncovering it. 

Ganesh Padmanabhan

Ganesh Padmanabhan is Vice President of Market Development at CognitiveScale, responsible for revenue growth through Marketing, Business Development and Strategic partnerships. He is passionate about bringing new and disruptive technologies to market, and has focused on emerging industries and global markets from startups to Fortune 50 companies, to drive growth through corporate strategy, prod… Read More

Michael Spencer

Michael Spencer is a prolific futurist called the original business insider with over 800 articles on LinkedIn and writing daily on Medium, where he is a top writer in 20+ tags. He is a content and brand consultant for startups involved in robotics, AI, blockchain and IoT. Michael is founder and editor of FutureSin, a Medium publication that explores aspects of technology and society related to… Read More

John Sukup

John Sukup, blogger, is Founder and Principal Consultant at Expected X. John has spent over a decade in the data analytics and research industries working for some of the most well-respected names in business including The Nielsen Company and BlueCross BlueShield. He has experience consulting and data modeling in healthcare, consumer tech, government projects, retail, insurance, and finance. Jo… Read More

Richard Welke, Ph.D.

Richard Welke, Ph.D., has held many roles over 25 years to bootstrap dormant units to create a series of new units within the prevailing university structure. Not replicating. New visions for going forward. Dr. Welke is director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute, and professor and previous chair of the Center for Process Innovation, e-Commerce Institute, GeM (Global e-Management… Read More