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We live in interesting times! Following a U.S. executive survey, Deloitte, a CogWorld member, published their State of AI in the Enterprise, 2nd Edition. Here are the 3 primary findings:

  1. Early adopters are ramping up their AI investments, launching more initiatives, and getting positive returns
  2. Companies should improve risk and change management
  3. Early adopters need the right mix of talent—not just technical skills—to accelerate their progress

Access this report by Tom Davenport (a CogWorld contributor), Jeff Loucks and David Schatsky.

They results of this survey show that.. growing numbers of companies are becoming more sophisticated in their usage of AI technologies. Now is the time for organizations to start selecting the business use cases that can deliver measurable value through AI-powered capabilities. By using cloud services as a gateway, it’s never been easier to explore and access AI’s potential—with minimal up-front investment and a reduced need for in-house expertise.

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