Cognitive Computing, A Brief Guide for Game Changers ~ By Peter Fingar; Foreword by Vint Cerf

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This book is a concise report on the most noteworthy developments in artificial intelligence, a field of endeavor that's been around since the 1950s. But now, with a breakthrough called "deep learning," artificial intelligence is finally getting human-like intelligence. The AI redux, Cognitive Computing, is having a transformational impact on work and society as a whole. This quantum leap requires a whole new way of thinking and acting if we are to reap the benefits and understand the potentially catastrophic downsides. The book uses a unique multimedia format with QR codes and tiny URL links that let readers drill down on many of the topics. Leaders in government and business can ill afford to miss this early-warning book. A lot of effort went into making the book concise so that very busy people who have little time to read, the game changers, will have time to grab the essence of this hugely important subject -and act! 

What They Are Saying ...
Peter’s engaging, fast-paced journey highlighting key events, players and resources in the 3rd era of computing heralded by IBM Watson is a must read for anyone wanting to keep up with rise of Cognitive Computing. The book covers the technology, emerging applications and their impact on industries and communities around the world. It is an engaging read; I finished it in one sitting – not too common when you read books about technology. If you want to read, learn and contribute to the rise of the Cognitive Era this book is a perfect place to start. --Sridhar Iyengar, Distinguished Engineer, and Cognitive Solutions Research Leader, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center 

I don't know what amazed me more, the scope and depth of Peter's knowledge and research on cognitive computing, or his ability to sythensize it all in 78 pages. In any event, it is well worth the time to read it and discover for yourself. --Lemuel Lasher, Founder of Boehme Eckhart LLC, and Fmr. Chief Innovation Officer, CSC

Read this book before the machines do. --Dr. Joseph J. Salvo, Founder of the Industrial Internet Consortium and Director, GE Global Research

This book gives the reader a great insight into how 'intelligence' will change our lives on a global scale. --Forrest Lin, Dept. Secretary General, Chinese Institute of Electronics, Beijing

Peter Fingar has a history of advancing bellwether ideas about technology. He's onto something extremely important in cognitive technology; I am confident it will reshape knowledge work as we know it. --Thomas H. Davenport, Distinguished Professor, Babson College, Author of Competing on Analytics and Big Data@Work

Peter Fingar's latest, Cognitive Computing, draws on ideas from diverse online sources, poking relentlessly into both the promise and the peril of smart machines. Cognition as a Service (CaaS) has the potential to augment and scale human expertise, harnessing the power of big data, and providing cognitive assistants for all occupations in smart service systems. --Dr. Jim Spohrer, Director, Cognitive Systems Institute

Cognitive Computing takes us on a whirlwind tour of the near-future, a future filled with opportunities and risks -- you need a road map and guide -- this jam-packed book is it. --Glenn Edens, V.P., Xerox PARC