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AI, Machine Learning, AR: San Francisco, CA (650) 351-7701
Industrial Automation, Robotics, IIoT: St. Louis, MO (636) 866-0676
Aerospace, UAVs, IFEC: Seattle, WA (425) 728-8991
Cyber Security, Cyber Warfare: Alexandria VA (571) 421-1076
Medical Devices, EMR: Chicago, IL (630) 378-0005
Mobile Network Operators, Towers: Austin, TX (737) 212-9210
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The Artificial Intelligence executive search consultants of NextGen Global help clients improve on past iterations, becoming smarter and more aware to enhance their capabilities and market share by placing high impact "A players" in senior leadership positions. We provide succession bench, retained executive search, and engagement search services for clients worldwide.

More and more companies are adopting Artificial Intelligence applications, software algorithms, and human 2 machine interfaces to enable FinTech, big data analytics, cyber security, IoT, securities, and robot-integrated CiM systems to meet industrial demands as well as enabling efficiency for consumers needs by creating detailed behavioral profiles, virtual agents, bot-assisted agents, and real-time emotional analysis.

NextGen has successfully recruited senior corporate executives and functional leaders with startups, mid-cap, and spin-offs that are developing artificial intelligence software / hardware using natural language and context-aware processing, deep learning, pattern recognition, industrial automation, neural networks, machine learning, and biometrics.

Artificial Intelligence Executive Search Firm that Delivers

A Connected World is coming with the development of cognitive applications to solve business issues using leading AI technology frameworks. Face recognition, autonomous driving cars, and robotic PAs now enable mobile devices and computers to operate as humans would, thus creating smarter privacy, industrial, enterprise, and consumer solutions.

When you need an “A player” at any level – that top 14% that produces 8 to 10 times more than “B players”, look to NextGen Global Executive Search for your artificial intelligence executive search recruitment vendor. We partner with the Executive Hiring Team to deliver candidates that meet or exceed your expectations.

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NextGen Global Executive Search, a retained executive search firm focuses on our clients’ success in the marketplace. Our niche is startups to mid-cap high growth companies in conducting succession bench and executive search for senior corporate management and functional leadership. 

Our team knows the business acumen, technology, and market trends of our clients with specific industry knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (machine learning, neural networks, augmented reality), Cyber Security (enterprise, mobile, cyber warfare), Industrial Automation (robotics, power systems, IIoT), Aerospace (power distribution, UAVs, aviation IFEC), Medical Devices (in-hospital, implantable, electronic health records), and Wireless (mobile networks, infrastructure, RF components, IoT). 

We are not your typical Retained Executive Search Firm. We like to think big and work smart for our clients.  As entrepreneurs who built / sold 7 companies, our retained executive search and engagement recruitment expertise is with start-ups, pre-IPO, and mid-cap companies and ventures that seek to make an impact in your industry through sound strategy, resilient IP development, increasing market share, and ROI for investors / stockholders.   With 30+ years of global staffing experience, we specialize in:

  • Aerospace - business jet power systems, commercial drones, military UAVs, stealth tech, aviation IFEC
  • Artificial Intelligence - machine learning, neural networks, FinTech, AdTech. augmented reality
  • Cyber Security - computer, network, and enterprise security, cyber defense, digital forensics, mobile security
  • Industrial Automation - CiM, fluid power, Industrial IoT, energy project development, robotics, power systems
  • Medical Technology -  medical devices, implantables, IV, blood tech, monitoring, electronic health records
  • Wireless Connectivity - mobile networks / infrastructure, embedded modules / RF components, IoT data / devices

NextGen Global Executive Search -  founded in 2009 when four successful and highly regarded search firms, Abba Wireless Executive Search, Active Wireless ESG, AddWireless, and Hufford Associates combined into one firm.  As one of the early proponents of bilateral matching assessments, behavioral interview techniques, and performance-based hiring principles, our founders developed the Leadership Vault, an award winning executive search platformthat can identify, screen, and assess “A players” at any level.  “A players” are that elusive top 14% of the global workforce who produce 8 to 10 times more than “B players. 

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Pain Points We Solve:

According to Leadership IQ, technical competence is the primary reason for hire, but 46% of all new hires fail within 18 months due to poor interpersonal communications and conflict resolution skills.

A potential hire must have the relative experience and accomplishments as well as decision making traits and relational communications skills that fit well within the team he/she will be in. Our executive search solutions provides predictive technology for accurate, in-depth candidate assessment.
Competitive Advantage:

NextGen is nown by clients worldwide for the ability to recruit "diamonds in the rough." NextGen's recruiter expertise includes Succession Bench for replacing top corporate leaders, Retained Executive Search for senior management and functional leadership, and Engagement Search for key levels ranging from manager to lead sales and engineering.

Recruiter Expertise with Search Transparency and Longer Retention of New Hires

As a preferred retained executive search firm in the technology recruitment markets we serve, we act as part of your Human Capital Strategy and work as consultants with expertise in leadership rather than simply paper pushing resumes. When clients speak to us, we listen to gain a clear understanding of your vision, market strategy, culture, and values. Our recruitment expertise stands out in how we communicate with clients early and often. Every retained and engagement search we recruit for comes with custom Onboarding Tools to ensure longer retention.
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Charles is a true professional who combines a rigorous process with a deep collection of real world experience. Unlike many recruiters, the communication is excellent and the expectations realistically managed. Charles is a trusted business partner who I would retain again without hesitation. --Allan Proithis, President North America, SIGFOX

Craig has been invaluable in identifying high-quality candidates for a role which we struggled to fill. His persistence in understanding your needs and the ability to match his talented pool of high-quality professionally screened candidates is second to none. --Matthew Kapp, CEO, Southwing

I have known and worked with Kelley for several years. She is hard working and very professional, understands the marketplace very well, and always takes the time to understand her client's needs to ensure that she will deliver quality results. I highly recommend Kelley and her team at NextGen. --Tony Francesca, VP, Sigfox

I have known and worked with Kelley for several years. She is hard working and very professional, understands the marketplace very well, and always takes the time to understand her client's needs to ensure that she will deliver quality results. I highly recommend Kelley and her team at NextGen. --Paul Harrington, VP of Engineering, Advantech B&B SmartWorx