Lisa Wood

Lisa Wood is a visionary entrepreneur inspired by novel science and technology, and artificial intelligence transformation globally. Lisa has been involved in AI for 2 decades at different levels, along with media (Fortune, BusinessWeek, now Forbes). Lisa founded Cognitive World, with a Forbes site too, to serve as an AI knowledge hub and to build a global ecosystem and marketplace. 

In addition to AI and media, with husband scientist Lars Wood, Lisa has been immersed in quantum physics and supramolecular chemistry, culminating in a novel patent pending Quantum Artificial Intelligence (QAI) unsupervised reinforcement machine learning technology. QAI is now being implemented as a hyper-performance GaAs analog integrated circuit multi-chip module running at 3 THz, trillions of times faster than any machine learning technology. The QAI Brain Chip module's first application is blockchain petahash mining. 

Lisa has served in roles from investor and business development, to much of what startup CEO’s endure, and far beyond.