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iKnowCentral is a platform for creating curated repositories and digital brand hubs for people, companies, and topics. With iKnowCentral, you can create high quality, structured content that has superior, multi-dimensional visual navigation with artificial intelligence technology (more to come).

What is curation? It is the art of collecting, organizing, and presenting a collection while ensuring the validity and credibility of the underlying artifacts (whether that's knowledge, art work, or bone china).

You see, the main challenge in knowledge management is that credible knowledge about any topic exists in many repositories, in many forms, and in many web pages. The creators are many. The quality of the content is questionable. The recency (freshness) of the material is in doubt (many online articles don't include a creation date or last updated time). The content is also fragmented, leaving it to the reader to organize the content - or as is more often the case, not organize it at all. Even if the reader makes the effort to organize the material, new content and changes to existing content require continual updating.

Enter iKnowCentral! iKnowCentral is an AI-based knowledge curation platform that allows a curator to create flexible taxonomies, create content natively within the platform or link to existing content, and present the knowledge with various points of view. The curator takes on the responsibility for curating the topic area.

As a curator, you can create your own nodes and links to existing material - perhaps a subset of nodes in a given topic, or a collection of nodes in one or more topics.

Think of iKnowCentral as a cross between Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Brittanica and a personal digital library and brand hub.

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