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Should My Child Be Polite To Alexa? Navigating The Complex World Of Human-AI Interaction

A few months ago, a former work colleague pinged me on a messaging app. We exchanged one or two pleasantries about how she was enjoying her retirement. My first clue that I was talking to a bot came when she asked me for my home address because she had received a box of money from Mark Zuckerburg and apparently, he needed my address to send me my own box. I was eager to explore the capabilities of my new bot-friend, so I engaged it in German (for which I used Google translate in the background since I am… more

The World's Biggest Banks Are Doubling Down On Artificial Intelligence

TWEET THIS Capital One has been beefing up its AI capabilities by prioritizing ethical AI in its systems. True diversity in tech will only come when everyone has access to the same technical information and educational opportunities When we think of companies at the forefront of technological innovation, global financial institutions don’t necessarily come to mind. Instead, massive tech giants like Amazon, Apple and Alphabet dominate the conversation around innovation and garner the most… more

The Democratization of Surveillance

Introduction As artificial intelligence brings nations high-speed facial recognition capabilities, surveillance societies are rising across nations: blurring the lines between privacy and security. This is for the enormous scale of changes that are enabled by significant advancements in technology: digital imaging, high-speed processing, skin texture analysis, thermal cameras, machine learning, 3D sensors, speech recognition, mood recognition and more. These advancements break technical barriers allowing… more

With AI At Hand, Don't Stop Learning!

Let’s go way back to 1977 and Fleetwood Mac’s single, “Don’t Stop.” “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow  Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here  It’ll be better, better than before Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone.” In our modern world, tomorrows stretch before us in profusion. Our working lives could last for eight decades. Think of the implications. It was only 12 years ago that the first iPhone was released. Smartphones are everywhere now, and we rely on them to an astonishing degree. Think about what… more

Competing For The Future With Intelligent Agents... And A Confession

Creative Destruction – What Came Before What’s Coming Next Prior to the beginnings of Internet-based e-commerce, the computer was essentially a filing cabinet, handling the affairs of the back office, programmed under the file clerk metaphor: capture, storage and retrieval of records. Today, however, we are not only seeing Sun Microsystems’ early vision that the network is the computer, now we can observe that the network is the business!  To participate in the digital economy, the business tasks we must… more

Ain't Nuthin' So Non-Common As Common Sense

Actually, to use common sense, the title of this article should be in the words of renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, “There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.” Hmm? Is that common sense, or commonsense, or common-sense. It takes some real common sense to know the difference. In artificial intelligence research, commonsense knowledge is the collection of facts and information that an ordinary person is expected to know. The commonsense knowledge problem is the ongoing project in the field of… more

Surprise: AI In 2019

A long time ago in an innovation ecosystem far, far away… a recent MIT graduate started his career in a vintage 1970sMassachusetts Route 128Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup doing speech recognition, re-named Verbex after Exxon acquired the company. Fast forward to AI in 2019, and what stands out most to that grad (me) are two pleasant surprises. The first surprise is the degree to which highly competitive IT businesses have embraced open source AI.Google’sTensorFlowhas over 120,000 stars on… more

Troubling Trends Towards Artificial Intelligence Governance

This is an age of artificial intelligence (AI) driven automation and autonomous machines. The increasing ubiquity and rapidly expanding potential of self-improving, self-replicating, autonomous intelligent machines has spurred a massive automation driven transformation of human ecosystems in cyberspace, geospace and space (CGS). As seen across nations, there is already a growing trend towards increasingly entrusting complex decision processes to these rapidly evolving AI systems. From parole to diagnosing… more

Reimagining Strategic Management Theories and Models with Artificial Intelligence

The advent of Artificial Intelligence in the corporate world is disrupting existing business processes and changing the way organizations are run. AI is fast becoming a cornerstone of how businesses manage their bottom line, while opening new revenue streams that could provide a boost to their toplines as well. Given the scale of its impact, there is no doubt that AI will also have a severe impact on the science that governs how organizations are run today. I am obviously referring to incumbent management… more

The New Techno-Fusion: The Merging Of Technologies Impacting Our Future

The process of systems integration (SI) functionally links together infrastructure, computing systems, and applications. SI can allow for economies of scale, streamlined manufacturing, and better efficiency and innovation through combined research and development. New to the systems integration toolbox are the emergence of transformative technologies and, especially, the growing capability to integrate functions due to exponential advances in computing, data analytics, and material science. These new… more