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Following the Broad Impact of AI on Industries

By Kathleen Walch  |  August 20, 2018Kathleen Walch is Co-Founder and Senior Analyst at Cognilytica If you’ve been following coverage of artificial intelligence (AI) in the news, you might have noticed that industries ranging from pharmaceutical to banking to insurance to real estate are being impacted by the range of machine learning and AI technologies that can broadly be called cognitive technologies. These cognitive technologies change how businesses approach their customers and manage their… more

Avoiding Common Pitfalls on the Road to Digital Transformation

By Alan Trefler  |  June 5, 2018Alan Trefler is Founder and CEO of Pegasystems, and a visionary and expert in the field of customer relations for over 30 years It’s estimated that nearly 6.5 million smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home were sold in France, Germany, and the U.K. in 2017, and that more than 47 million adults in the U.S. now have access to one. Consumers are spending time – and money – engaging with organizations through smart devices. So, it’s not surprising that, in an effort to… more

Top Seven Uses of Cognitive AI

| 5 months 4 weeks ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

The world is speeding up and accelerating as you read this article. Big data keeps piling up; new IoT devices are multiplying exponentially; new patterns of threats and opportunities are emerging by the second; decisions are lagging optimal conclusions; the goals keep changing; the governance complexity is growing; and your actions had better be on the mark. Your processes can’t hang with this pace and you can’t collaborate fast enough to get the brain power on the job. It’s worse than the game called “… more

Emerging Technologies for the Public Sector

| 5 months 4 weeks ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Chuck Brooks  |  July 27, 2017 We have entered a new technological era in commerce and it has also arrived in government. There are a variety of tech verticals to watch in the coming transformation, including: 1) data science; 2) digital transformation; 3) the Internet of Things; 4) 3-D printing; and 5) cybersecurity Collaboration, agility, innovation and engagement have emerged as driving factors for agency performance and progress will be determined by combining these factors with adoption and… more

Shooting The Messenger

| 5 months 4 weeks ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Calum Chace |  September 29, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBES “It was Facebook wot dunnit.” Select the unpleasantness of your choice, and Facebook is almost certainly being blamed for it by someone, and probably a lot of someones. Also in the dock are YouTube and Twitter, with Instagram and Snapchat lurking about, keeping their heads down and hoping that nobody notices them. The charge sheet is long. Facebook and the other social media have shortened our attention spans, leaving us easy prey to… more

Emerging Tech Impacting the Security Industry

| 5 months 4 weeks ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Chuck Brooks  |  September 27, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBES Emerging technologies are already affecting how we live and work. They're also changing how we approach, plan and integrate security operations. With the advent of artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, materials science, 3-D printing, and data analytics, the security industry is being transformed. Certainly, we are living in an era where innovation, agility and imagination are… more

Mapping the AI Transformation Journey in Your Organization

| 5 months 4 weeks ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Sameer Dhanrajani  |  October 9, 2018  |  Source: CogWorld on FORBES We are well and truly in the midst of the AI revolution. Research houses, academicians, think tanks, business and technology leaders all agree upon the significant value waiting to be unlocked through the positive and progressive use of Artificial Intelligence by re-engineering the old and envisioning the new. According to research by Gartner, organizations using cognitive ergonomics and system design in new artificial intelligence… more

From Silicon Valley to the Cognitive Pangea

| 6 months 1 week ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Vint Cerf, Ph.D.  |  April 28, 2017 What is it about the residents of Silicon Valley that encourages risk taking? I have often wondered about that and have reached an interesting, if possibly controversial conclusion. Thinking more generally about immigration, I considered my own family history. In the mid-late 1800s, my father's family emigrated from the Alsace-Lorraine region (variously French and German) to Kentucky. A great many families came to the U.S. during that period. It is a family belief… more

Big Data: Needles and Haystacks

| 6 months 1 week ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

A CogWorld C-Level Member Q&A with Peter Fingar and Kogentix CEO, Boyd Davis  (2017) We’ve been loaded (and overloaded) with information about Big Data, and more recently, Cognitive Computing. I’ve researched and written a lot about these subjects. But recently, a CEO who is “in the business of Big Data” updated my thinking. I talked at length with Boyd Davis, CEO at Kogentix Inc., providers of  cognitive computing and machine learning to build systems that use Big Data to learn about your business,… more

AI in Startups

| 6 months 2 weeks ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Thomas Seoh  |  September 28, 2018  |  Source:  CogWorld on FORBESThomas Seoh is CEO of Kinexum, a life sciences strategic advisory firm providing guidance on regulatory, clinical and other translational matters for life science product development. The pace of acceleration in the past several years in AI seems to be starting to climb the exponential part of the “S” curve. From playing Go, to translating one human language into another, to predicting and attempting to compose hit tunes, to… more