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Cognitive technologies: a technical primer

| 3 weeks 4 days ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

By Deloitte  |  February 6, 2018  |  Source   Cognitive technologies offer advantages that are real and diverse, extending well beyond traditional applications like process automation. As the cognitive story evolves in the years ahead, the benefits that ensue may become ever richer in their variability. ​ Introduction Cognitive technologies are now impacting almost every aspect of people’s lives. Not only are these technologies an emerging source of competitive advantage for businesses and the economy,… more

Building AI that Works: Domain Knowledge and the Impact on Team Building

February 28, 2019 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undoubtedly one of the main enablers of the digital transformation of modern enterprises. It is used as a vehicle for increased automation of business processes and as a means of optimizing enterprise decisions. Building AI that works means its applications transcend almost all sectors of the economy from finance, cybersecurity, IoT data and devices, transportation, medical devices and healthcare and upcoming 5G mobile networks to industrial applications… more

What Your Competitors Know About Knowledge Engineering, and You Should Too

CogWorld Member ~ Veloxiti and Cognitive Solutions Alliance  |  December 17, 2018 The discipline of artificial intelligence is valuable to business because computers that act more like humans will work better in our chaotic unpredictable world. The study of the human mind, both philosophical and functional, is at the root of artificial intelligence but demand for returns on investment and protectionist workforce hype makes choosing the right technique for the right problem a serious challenge. Consider,… more

5 Myths About Cognitive

By Tom Davenport  |  A Deloitte Member Article |  March 31, 2018   A survey of early adopters helps correct some common misconceptions about artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is one of the most frequently discussed topics in business today, but even more than most new technologies, its promise is sometimes obscured by a set of lingering myths—particularly among those whose exposure to the technology has been limited. Professionals with first-hand experience have a different perspective,… more

Get Real

I’ve been thinking about the feedback we’ve received from those who attended last month’s PegaWorld conference in Las Vegas. Nearly 5,000 attendees spent three days listening to success stories from companies like Aflac, Genworth Financial, and Liberty Global, learning about our newest technology solutions, and diving deeper into understanding what’s really possible in digital transformation. And they’ve been generous with their comments.  One of the things I’m most proud of is the emphasis on the … more

FinTech Technological Innovations

By Charles Moore, NextGen  |  October 26, 2018Charles Moore is Managing Partner at NextGen Global Executive Search Whether all Fintech should be considered disruptive innovation or not is a matter for debate according to well-educated writers at The Harvard Business review. But it doesn’t take an Ivy League education to recognize that many of the new FinTech technological innovations in the finance sector are sending tremors across the industry. Old-fashioned practices like going to the bank are being… more

AI in Nanotechnology for Biomedical Use

By Charles Moore, NextGen  |  November 2, 2018Charles Moore is Managing Partner at NextGen Global Executive Search Nanotechnology has been slowly treading into the field of biomedicine for almost a decade now. Because nanotechnology for biomedical usage is still a relatively newer technology surrounded by many ethical debates, its footsteps are a little slow and careful. So what is nanotechnology? As the name would suggest, it is the putting of nanotechnology to medicinal usage and that is where AI, aka… more

The Rise of the Cobots

By Ron Schmelzer, Senior Analyst and Founder at Cognilytica  |  June 30, 2018Member Article Czech writer Karel Čapek first coined the term ‘Robot’ in his 1920 play R.U.R. about a dystopian future in which artificial, manufactured “roboti” act human-like and perform tasks in servitude to their human masters, only to later form a rebellion that leads to the extinction of the human race. Many of the visions and dreams about what intelligent machines can be and the fears associated with them are in this way… more

Big Data: Needles and Haystacks

| 5 months 2 weeks ago | Cognitive World on Forbes

A CogWorld C-Level Member Q&A with Peter Fingar and Kogentix CEO, Boyd Davis  (2017) We’ve been loaded (and overloaded) with information about Big Data, and more recently, Cognitive Computing. I’ve researched and written a lot about these subjects. But recently, a CEO who is “in the business of Big Data” updated my thinking. I talked at length with Boyd Davis, CEO at Kogentix Inc., providers of  cognitive computing and machine learning to build systems that use Big Data to learn about your business,… more

Speech and Language...from Amazon to Toys and UAV's

By Jeff Adams, Founder, CEO Cobalt Speech In 2013, I was leading the top-secret speech and language group at Amazon, busy building what we called “Project Doppler”, and which would eventually be unveiled as the Amazon Echo. Occasionally, others at Amazon would learn that we had a top-notch internal speech technology group and would approach me to help them incorporate some speech technology into some other product at Amazon, or in some internal project.  Each time, I had to tell them that I was unable to… more