Innovative Businesses to Embrace Augmented Intelligence

Augmented intelligence

By David Geddes, Veloxiti  |  August 6, 2018

Veloxiti, a software engineering firm, is appealing to innovative business minds to solve the world’s most pressing social problems with their cognitive software technology, such as protecting human workers and expanding economies.

Veloxiti™ Inc., a software engineering firm headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga. is now ready to move its advanced technology beyond defense research projects and into real world business applications. 

For more than twenty-five years, the company has conducted scientific testing and research evaluations of their augmented intelligence in numerous environments. Their team of visionary engineers is now ready to offer their software and engineering services to businesses interested in building augmented intelligent software solutions. 

Augmented intelligence, known as a human-centered approach, is a cognitive science technique applied to software development. This class of software is not designed to replace humans, rather, its deployment is specifically designed to enhance human productivity by mimicking human thinking processes. 

It is easy to imagine that some of the most advanced technologies of our time are tied up inside government funded projects. In fact, if the technology is strong enough, project after project, year over year, research-based technologies eventually move into real world applications with the goal of benefiting society. The Internet, GPS and Google Maps are all examples of military funded research projects that changed our society. 

Veloxiti's engineering breakthrough is based on original artificial intelligence concepts and theories, all of which have proven true for more than two decades. They combine a multi-graph knowledge framework and a cognitive engine which can monitor inputs, analyze variations, make recommendations, and take action, but always with humans in control. The company has streamlined development of its tools which are used to quickly build and manage this versatile form of augmented intelligence. 

The Cognitive Systems Alliance (CSA) believes this type of software can significantly benefit the world by helping to prevent an automation-driven economic recession, and enable robots with the capability to fit into our unpredictable lives. CSA is the certification authority for businesses seeking to adopt or build cognitive solutions. Veloxiti™ is a Cognitive Systems Alliance Certified Partner. The company recently had their modeling specifications, encoding workflow, cognitive processes, and their talent reviewed. They were awarded a Level-III mark illustrating an expert knowledge of augmented intelligence and a maturity level for their tools. 

Philosophical debates about artificial intelligence continue across the social media spheres, but one thing stands true, software can elevate human workers and help computers integrate into our lives as long as human’s remain at the center of the design process. This is an imperative for failed automation projects, where humans are still needed in the decision loop. 

Contact John Merrihew at Veloxiti™ at and share your innovative augmented intelligence ideas with them. The team is looking for commercial partners to ensure this government funded technology benefits society.